Motor Transport Awards finalist 2013

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    The Extra foot was a finalist in the 2013 Motor Transport Awards and received great reviews from the judging panel, Daily Walk Around checks if done properly are a potent weapon in improving vehicle safety and this can have a huge impact in reducing accidents on our roads and reducing vehicle downtime.

    See below for judges comments

    Innovation Award

    • Clear benefits
    • Consumer as well as professional trade application
    • Nice to see applicant company and VOSA approval
    • Great product name!
    • Pioneering
    • Good attempt to solve a genuine problem
    • Good take-up from haulage operators
    • Simple and cost effective
    • Clear identification of the challenge
    • Obvious passion from designer – essentially an “end-user”
    • Appeals to wide audience
    • Variety of uses and addresses the issue…
    • A brilliant idea with lots of uses
    • Good price which would make it available to all
    • The multifunctional “add ons” are excellent
    • Well presented!
    • New and practical solution to know challenge of brake checks
    • Simple application with additional practical benefits
    • Understandable detection of service/maintenance standards
    • Clearly articulated presentation



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