The Extra Foot Reviews

    I was stopped in England by vosa and i showed and proved how i carried out a walk-around check by using the Extra foot and they were amazed. Wouldn’t leave the house without it amazing product.

    Neill McCaughley Scania Driver

    We use the Extra Foot in all of our lorries at Sherling Steel (N.I) ltd. its a great job. no more fines for faulty brake lights or air lines.

    Gary Sloan Sherling Steel

    Fantastic tool, every company should have these for there trucks, easy to use, no more fines!!

    Adrian Kelly – Managing Director Kelly Flowers and Kelly European Transport

    We would fully reccomend this product to any lorry driver or haulage company, save time and money, and is easy to use.The perfect answer to the enforcement boys.

    James Law – Law Commercials

    This is a great device, I feel that every vehicle should have one.

    Billy – Retired Traffic Cop


    Harry – Pensioner

    I use this device many times a day, and I often wonder how I ever done without it.  It eliminates the hassle of having to wait for someone to put their foot on the brake pedal – GREAT LITTLE TOOL

    Black Bob – Mechanic

    All the drivers in our firm use The Extra Foot during their daily checks, it saves time and hassle

    Stevie – Driver Silverwood Galvanisers

    I use the Extra Foot in my daily work repiaring Brake and ABS lights, I find it useful and easy to use. I would recommend this tool to everyone in the trade.

    Connor Frazer – Auto spark

    Checks your brake lights, dries your windows, checks for air leaks in braking system, clears your windscreens of ice no bother – perfect!

    Terry – bus driver