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    A relatively new kid on the block called brake imbalance could well be the culprit for many accidents in the past and will no doubt be responsible for many in the future, using the Extra Foot to help assist identifying one of the main culprits of brake imbalance, air leaks in the braking system makes sense in so many ways, if found early leaks can be repaired and the unthinkable could well be prevented, unfortunately commercial vehicles carry the can of the saying, prevention is better than cure more than others.
    The Extra Foot has proven itself to assist a lone driver check proper brake lamp operation and for air leaks in the braking system as specified in DVSA regulations, it also enables the mirrors to be cleaned at any stage of journey for a clearer and safer vision.
    Cameras are growing evermore popular, especially on Municipal vehicles and buses, the superb Extra Foot camera cleaner allows them to be cleaned safely and properly so they can work to their most effectiveness.

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    The Extra Foot was designed to assist the Transport Industry comply with their “O” licence undertakings of carrying out daily vehicle walk around checks, which are described as vital, essential and critical.

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